19:45 – 21:15 
MDI Studio Liverpool 
£6 per session
Class returns on Wednesday 25th September


Each session begins with a warm up, followed by technique – set exercises that are performed to help improve core strength, alignment, co-ordination, embodiment and pick up. This is where time is taken to focus upon your body; begin to understand how it moves and where I offer my support and guidance in correcting you with a prod and a poke! The second half of class is choreography – a routine created by myself exploring different intentions, narratives and styling.

I crave the connection to people and dance as a way of sharing our story and I hope to preserve and educate this message of embodiment and expressive articulation shown in the deliverance and execution of movement.

In class:


  • Give yourself permission to try big and fail.
  • Make each class a quest to learn something new and feel a great sense of self achievement.
  • Leave the studio with more knowledge as a dancer but more importantly as a person and then showcase it in your work.
  • Strive for self-discovery, don’t wait to be spoon fed, find your unique approach, movement vocabulary and voice.



Below you can check the availability for upcoming workshops. To book, just click a date.

U.K. sessions start from £150 for a min of 2 hours. Travel costs must be covered.

International sessions start from £250 for a minimum of 2 hours. Travel costs must be covered.

Please contact me to discuss details.

Available for adults and children ages 10+

After booking, I will contact you to arrange payment either by Bank Transfer or Cash

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