For all you new students out there ready and raring to go, (gosh I envy you) the summer is almost up and I thought I’d put a little something together to hopefully get you looking forward to your next adventure: University.

Starting something new can be an exciting yet daunting prospect. It’s only natural to feel apprehensive and overwhelmed when you first arrive, but you’ll be on your feet in no time! I know when I was packing up my room and thinking about what lay ahead, I was ‘bricking it’. I was worried about being homesick, whether I’d be able to keep up with everyone drinking for a whole 2 weeks of Freshers… Thinking about my timetable or whether I’d make friends – Oh the list was endless… but I survived!

Dance training is slightly different to ‘normal’ university. As dancers, we have to be kind to our bodies. Feed it well, make sure we get enough kip and have enough fuel to keep us going for a 9-hour physical day (we get our money’s worth). So yes go and enjoy Freshers and have a few glasses of vino or whatever your tipple may be but take care of yourself.

Here are my TOP TIPS:

♣ Buy a doorstop – If you leave your door open whilst unpacking with a cool or cute doorstop you’ll be meeting your flatmates in no time!

♣ Consider having a stash of biscuits – No one can say no to a biscuit and brew, you’ll be instantly loved!

♣ Have the Alka-Seltzer on standby – So you’ll end up getting roped into a night out or a night drinking in the flat and its okay to have fun just make sure to drink lots of water before bed and have that Alka-Seltzer ready! They’ve saved me a few times when I’ve felt rough and had ballet the next morning!

♣ Set alarms – Don’t get into bad habits with late nights and lie ins. Dancers, you’ll be in the studio from 8:30 am, expected to be warming up ready for a 9 am class. You need to have a routine and a rested body.

♣ Eat healthily – Dancers, we all know we like a treat or two but please look after your bodies and prepare healthy and tasty meals. I used to make a big dish of something and then keep the leftovers for lunch. That way I saved money and didn’t need to make lots of different meals and got out of more washing up! I wish I’d have known about Hello Fresh back then, I’ve just signed up and the meals are tasty, quick, easy and healthy! Check them out!

♣ Pack the night before – I’m a very organised person so this is just the norm for me, but have your bag packed the night before. That way you can have an extra hour out partying or an extra hour in bed! Remember those cereal bars and packets of nuts – Oh and hairspray, no one wants homeless hair in Ballet!

♣ Enjoy a bath – Every now and then forget about your bills and have a bath (if your house has one) otherwise go back home and get one! Time out is key and then dancers get on the form roller…

Have a wonderful Freshers and enjoy the ride. If I could I’d do it all again!