As you can’t hear me (which may be a good thing) I’ll have to come clean and announce that I’m a northern lass from Blackburn who has moved south to Liverpool, ready to start a new chapter and launch my new business venture!

Although I spent some time in the city as a student, training to become a professional dancer at LIPA, I feel it’s different this time round. After returning back from an 8 month contract with Princess Cruises – how lucky am I, me and my boyfriend who I met in Liverpool moved into an idyllic flat near the marina where the canal boats huddle together and take shelter from the wind and ever so choppy river Mersey and where we seem to have become very protective over a family of swans!

Feeling all grown up, I settled back into the ‘scouse land’ way pretty quickly but soon realised I had to find work in order to pay my way. Being freelance or self-employed as a dancer can be a conversation you want to avoid but I now realise that it was something to savour and enjoy. Okay, so you don’t have the safety blanket of regular income but what you do have is the freedom to set aside time to create work, plan lessons, socialise, take class, dispose of unwanted stress and negative energy and focus on you and your goals. I was eager to get my business idea up and running, to share my knowledge and encourage those who love to dance.

Having kept in touch with my lecturers and still having close connections to other dance artists and studios in Liverpool I was fortunate enough to set up regular classes within the first month of moving. I’ve worked closely with LIPA, Movema, Rare Studios and MDI Studios which offer a great variety of classes, show lots of support and really promote the amazing dance community we have here.

Within a few months I had income coming in from a diverse range of jobs including teaching and performing and I wasn’t bored once. Everyday allowed me to be creative, respond to new challenges, meet people and I was even lucky enough to squeeze a few coffee and cake catch ups in!

My point is change is good. Make it a positive. Take the plunge, just go for it and see where you end up…